Extra Special Ideas For Selling on Ebay

Best Selling Tips on Ebay

There is no exact science to being a successful seller on Ebay. However, there are some tips for Ebay merchants that can make their selling experience on this website a wonderful experience. The first tip has to do with allowing people that live overseas to shop in your online store.

When you are a seller in online auctions, know that every bid counts even if it is from someone that lives on the other side of the world. They probably will not be the winner of the auction. However, if they do win, you, as the seller, can add a separate handling fee for international buyers. This additional charge is a compensation for all the time you spent filling out the customs paperwork. When shipping a package to another country, you do need to make sure to insure it. Another good idea is to end auctions on a Sunday and to offer a return policy.

The best day to end an auction is Sunday. On Sundays, a lot more people stay at home than any other day of the week. For the opposite reason, Fridays and Saturdays are a bad day to end an auction. It is a good idea to close an auction at ten p.m. Eastern Standard Time or seven p.m. Pacific Standard Time. The reason for this is that it is not too early for people on the west coast and not too late for the people on the east coast to participate in your auction. A refund policy will give your buyers the reassurance that if an item that you sell them arrives broken or defective that you stand behind your product. Also, if there is any damage to the item you are selling, be sure to describe it accurately when you are describing the item that you are selling. Starting your auction at a low price will encourage people to bid on your auction.

A successful Ebay seller wants to have a lot of people bid on their auctions. A low starting bid attracts people to your auction and they will watch your auction and begin bidding on it. Studies have proven that auctions that have a lot of bidders bring on the interest of potential buyers. This is not a good idea for items that typically do not get a lot of bids. However, if an item typically gets ten bids or more, then it is a good idea to start an auction with a low bid like 0.99 cents. Having a gallery picture is also a great idea.

It is very important that possible buyers can view a picture of the item that you have for sale while they are searching for an item that they need and/or want. A buyer’s attention needs to be attracted while they are looking through a lot of like items. They may go right past an auction without a picture. When adding a picture to an auction, be sure to include all of the items that are for sale. When selecting a shipping charge, be sure not to add on more than what it costs to ship the item.

There is nothing that will draw customers away from your auction than being overcharged for shipping fees. Potential customers will figure out that they are being taken advantage of and will leave your auctions and never come back. Make sure the shipping fee is reasonable. On the other hand, think twice about providing free shipping. Research has proven that buyers have two prices on their mind, the cost of the item and the shipping fee. As long as a potential customer is content with the shipping fee, they will start bidding on your auction and forget about adding the shipping cost to the final total of the item. A detailed description of the item that you are selling will tell potential buyers all the pros and cons of the item for sale.

Writing a perfect product description is the way to show buyers why they need to purchase the product that you are selling. Be sure to be entirely truthful about the item in question and explain what condition the item is in, what it is made of, the brand name, the features of the item, and maybe even the reason you are selling the item. Always assume that potential buyers have no knowledge of the item you are selling. Taking good quality pictures is also a good selling point.

Since a person looking at the item you are selling cannot pick it up and look at it, it is a great idea to provide them with great pictures. Take pictures of the back and front of the item so buyers can see what the item looks like from all sides. Be sure to take close up shots as well so they can see any damage or wear and tear. Be sure to think like they do and take and share pictures that you would want to see if you are the one buying the item. If someone tries to say that you were defrauding them, then the pictures that you took will be your best defense. If you regularly host a lot of auctions, it is a good idea to employ a photo hosting service to save on the cost of picture fees. Having fabulous feedback will also bring you more customers.

If an Ebay seller does not have a feedback score of at least fifty, then potential customers will not feel like they can trust them. When you have a new Ebay account, it helps if you buy from other members until you get to ten. Then you can begin to sell items that are not very expensive to establish yourself and create a reputation. Avoid selling costly products until you have established a good reputation. Having a feedback score of 99 percent or more will prove to potential buyers that they can trust you. The title of an Ebay listing is the most important part of one of their auctions.

The title is the most important of an Ebay listing because it is included in the search results. A bad title without a few very important keywords will almost guarantee that potential customers will not be able to find your auction. The best way to find the keywords that you should use in your title is to look at auctions that are selling items like yours and view their titles. The titles of the top sellers will give you terrific examples of what kind of title you should have for your auction.

These terrific and extra special ideas for selling on Ebay have been researched and tested. If you employ when you have an Ebay auction, not only will your auction stand out from the rest, it will be extra special. You will get a lot of bids from many people and will not be lacking for customers for the whole time that you sell items on Ebay.

Best Apps or Sites for Selling Your Old Stuff

Best Apps or Sites for Selling Your Old Stuff

There are many apps and sites for selling your old stuff. The items that you don’t want, could be someone else’s treasure.

Whatever, you are trying to sell, there are a variety of places where buyers will respond. Before you start researching services, consider the following:

* Fees: Expect to pay 10% for some apps/sites
* Marketing: You want to create attractive photos for buyers to respond
* Site: You want your app or site to be mobile friendly

Listed below are 11 amazing apps or sites, where you can sell old items:


Craigslist has over 60 million users. These individuals, post anything from items to sell, buy and even job listings. You can sell anything from clothing to large appliances. Although some people sell clothes, it is recommended that this site is best suited to sell household items- and it’s also a place to sell cars.

The best part about Craigslist, is there is no fee to list items. It is recommended that you lower the price of the items that you list.

Craigslist is an amazing way to sell or buy large items.


eBay is the largest worldwide place, to sell items by auction and fixed sales. Since 1995, this online site has been available for people to sell incredible place to sell old or new items.

There are listing policies and rules for selling designer items- a fee for 20% to 40% on items that sell over $500. Your first 50 each month, is free- whether you auction or sell at fixed prices. If you use PayPal, they will charge 2.9%- plus 30 cent per transaction.

You want to take photos, and explain a few details about the items(s). You can even sell broken items, like electronics and cell phones.


Tradesy is a place to sell chic clothing. They focus on brands like- Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tom Ford, J. Crew, and other designer wear.

Sellers can create a page, to sell items. It’s the ultimate place to sell high-end clothing and shoes. The site is mobile friendly, and has a calculator, to show your earnings, when applied.

You will need to take a few pictures and select a category. When a sale goes through, Tradesy will send you a pre-paid and pre-addressed mailing label, to mail the buyer the item(s).

The fees are 11.9% commission (or 9% if you spend your earnings at Tradesy).

It’s the perfect place to sell fashionable clothes or shoes, that are in good condition.


Poshmark is a fantastic place to sell women’s clothing and accessories.

To sell items, just take a few pictures, and add a description of the items(s). Poshmark also host themed parties, where you can promote special items, related to the party. This attracts buyers.

The fees are $2.95 for orders over $15.00 and 20% for large items.


Shpock is a lot like Craigslist. It’s a local site, where you can sell unique items.

It’s east to sell items by taking a few pictures, and describing the items that you will be selling.

The site mobile friendly- I0S and Android.


5Miles is an app that allows you to sell local classified items online. It offers a wide range of features, especially the unique way to voice record.


Dealo is one of the best places to sell items, because you don’t need an account to browse their website. You will need to open an account, if you decide to sell items.

Payments are processed through PayPal.


Chairish is a free app that you can sell or buy items. They mainly focus on the sales of vintage items- such as home décor.

This app charges a 20% fee on sales.

Social Sell

At Social Sell, you can buy and sell new or old items locally. It doesn’t have a website, but you can use your Android or i0S app to sell items.

The amazing factor is, that you don’t have to provide your email address, to use this app.


OLX is an incredible app that let you make money, selling items. It’s a free classified app, which allow you to use locally.

All you need is to take a few photos, describe the items and post.


Swaptions is a way to swap old items locally.

It’s completely free, and you can get the app on i0S. It’s an incredible way to get rid of old items for something else you may like.

Now days, there are dozens of places to sell items. With new technology, you can sell items from your mobile phone or pc at anytime. You will always have the opportunity to sell items.

Depending on which app or site your choose to sell items on, it’s worth the investment. It’s always nice to be able to sell items that you can’t use anymore, and make a great profit.

Selling My Car: Tips and Tricks to Get Top Dollar

Selling My Car: Tips and Tricks to Get Top Dollar

When it comes to selling your used car, you, of course, need to find out what it is worth and what it can sell for within range. These are good things to consider when starting the process as a whole. Deep thought, evaluation, and well done research have never proven to do anyone harm in the long run. In fact, we know this, but tend to forget it. When we are more prepared as a whole, we can expect a better transaction, action, and overall result in the long run. Thus, it is important to know one’s game and to know it well, staying above the competition. In this case, the game is selling a car. Let us begin…..

First of all, allow me to bring to mind a fantastic quote with another expert opinion on the matter. I quote:

“Your first step is to check on-line classified ads to see how much other sellers are asking for your type of car. Keep in mind that dealers will have different prices than private party listings. The eBay.com classifieds and other Internet sites allow you to search with specific criteria. (https://www.edmunds.com/sell-car/10-steps-to-selling-your-car.html, pg. 1, paragraph 1)

I fully agree with this information. There is a lot of very basic and simple knowledge here which people tend to overlook. This happens more often than you may think, and it does so especially when timelines and money are on one’s thoughts. At times, both tend to cloud judgment, and that is not a good thing in any case. What is also interesting to note, and I once again use fellow expert knowledge in quoting, is the fact that:

“There are always some exceptions to the rules of pricing, so you should follow your intuition. And be sure to leave a little wiggle room in your asking price. Ask for slightly more money than you are actually willing to accept. If you want to get $12,000 for the car, you should list the car at $13,500.” (https://www.edmunds.com/sell-car/10-steps-to-selling-your-car-pg2.html, pg. 2, paragraph 1)

You have more than likely noticed the degree of creativity which is superfluous and overabundant, in my own opinion, as it relates to professional car salesman and their dealerships. People can really get incredibly thoughtful, creative, and unendingly original when it comes to finding new ways t make an extra dollar or two. No one out there says that you cannot do the same. So do get creative. Give new ideas a try, and you will be more than surprised with what you can find yourself coming up with. You never know until you try…..

There is another wonderful point which I would like to take the time to mention. Please pay some attention to this in particular. It is worth noting, and I quote:

“When people come to look at your car, they will probably make up their minds to buy it or not within the first few seconds. This is based on their first look at the car.” (https://www.edmunds.com/sell-car/10-steps-to-selling-your-car-pg3.html, pg. 1, paragraph 1)

Now, this is, once again in my own personal and limited pinion, perhaps the very most important and key fundamental part of the process as a whole. Believe it or not, this is one part which most people quite easily overlook, in place of pricing and other important details. Yet this one is no less crucial, and I will explain why…..

When it comes to that very first impression, which is either well-made or broken within the first few seconds, every detail matters. You want to shine. You want your car to shine as well, and I do mean literally. People want to envision themselves in your car, in its best and most attractive state. I refer to both the inside and the outside of the car as a whole. Do keep this in mind too. If my personal first impression of a car which I am looking at is dirty, old, and tainted, do you think that I will want to have memories of myself driving in any sort of car in that state? Whether or not it can later be cleaned and polished to look more professional & attractive is entirely beside the point. You want to impress from day one, moment one.

If you fail to keep that first impression for any potential buyers, then you may lose a second visit or phone call from them in return. This wastes both your time and theirs. What could happen, for example, is that they see another used car from another owner, which is well polished and showing only its best feet forward, as they say. Now between the two cars, which car do you think will have a better lasting impression? I will leave you to decide that; I believe I have said enough on the matter.

Las Vegas Escorts! What is really being sold?

Las Vegas Escorts! What is really being sold?

Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession, as the saying goes, and one that will be around in some fashion or another for as long as people are around. The attractions of visiting an escort are manifold and often go beyond the sexual pleasure that you receive. This article will describe what is involved when you visit a Las Vegas Escort and why people visit them, including the non sexual benefits of seeing an escort.

Legality of Visiting a Las Vegas Escort

Nevada, where Las Vegas is located, is the only state in the United States where prostitution is legal. While prostitution is generally legal, there is a highly regulated set if rules that surrounds the industry. In Nevada prostitution is legal in certain designated areas and having an escort visit your home or hotel room is not legal, but is not strictly enforced. It is widely available however and a real option for whomever is interested in visiting an escort in Las Vegas. As such, the legality of using an escort in Las Vegas is not always completely straightforward and involves understanding the exact rules and what options are available if you intend to strictly follow the legal guidelines.

Visiting a Las Vegas Escort

Las Vegas escorts are located in brothels or work independently and will visit you in your home or hotel, or vice versa. They are available for quick sexual experiences or for prolonged meetings such as a night out on the town or intimate conversation. Las Vegas Escorts come in all shapes and sizes and ethnicities and can help to fulfill a variety of fantasies. For many people, visiting an escort is about the sexual pleasure that they experience from the process. Having sex with a wide variety of people is enticing for oh so many reasons and escorts can turn that fantasy into a reality at a cost that is much more affordable than dating and locating the various people you want to sleep with who you are attracted to. Visiting an escort is much more of a sure thing too and can truly allow you to fulfill your sexual fantasies. However, visiting an escort is about more than the sex though, at least for some people. There are many other reasons why people visit escorts other than for sexual pleasure.

Why Visiting Las Vegas Escorts is About More than Sex

Many people visit escorts for the companionship that it brings into their life. Having an sexual experience with another person helps to develop an intimacy between you that can not be understated. For many people who are lonely, this intimacy adds a new dimension to their lives.

Other people like to start out an encounter with an escort at a nice restaurant before retreating into the privacy of their bedroom. Doing so allows them to show off an escort in a way to others and make themselves feel special and envied by others who believe you are with a truly beautiful girl. This can help to improve a persons self confidence and make them feel great about themselves.

Like traveling, visiting an escort can help a person to expand their cultural horizons and spend time with a person that they would otherwise not have any exposure to. As an example, many Caucasian men spend time in communities where all of their friends and neighbors are Caucasian and don’t interact with black peoples. Visiting an escort of a different ethnicity can let you learn more about another culture and experience them in a truly unique way. By visiting an escort you experience spending time with a person who you might not be able to meet in an private setting and this lets you to truly become a more well rounded person.

Escorts can be selected who can let you expand your experiences in other ways. Sometimes this is not just about sex but rather about pausing your boundaries. Some people like to meet escorts of the same sex and see if it interests them in anyway. Others look to explore their thresholds of pain through BDSM encounters. The point is that visiting an escort can truly help you to push the boundaries of what you are curious about to see if you are truly interested in them and want to explore those items further. Ultimately you will decide if this is something you want to insert into your sexual life or just an one time exploration process.

Finally, visiting an escort or brothel in Las Vegas can be a bonding experience for a group of friends or a reminder of younger wilder days. When friends get together after a long time apart they may want to do something unique and exciting like visiting an escort. It can provide lasting memories without the legal risk. After all what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.